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Is it time for a new roof?

Many homeowners figure they need a new roof when they spot a small leak in their ceiling. However, that’s not always the case as there are other factors that determine whether or not you need a new roof. At Pinnacle Roofing, our residential roofing contractors can determine if your home needs a new roof by doing a comprehensive exam. We’ll look for various signs, such as exterior decay, buckling shingles, roof valleys, chimney flashing, and more to decide what our next step should be.

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Dealing with leaks, damaged shingles, or other roofing problems?

Roof damage can be tricky to diagnose as there are various types of damage. Roof repairs are essential to the overall structural quality and lifespan of a roof. If you’ve noticed a leaky attic, missing shingles, ceiling stains, or find granules in the gutter, you may need a roof repair. Our team will look for signs of any major wind, hail, or tree damage after a severe storm to better determine the extent of any repairs you may need. We will also check for any signs of poor or improper installation and will find a solution that works for you.

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We have a wide variety of roofing materials that are guaranteed to fit the needs of your home or business

With over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry, we have been providing residents of the Greater San Francisco Bay area expert roofing services. From residential reroofing to repairing shingles, no roofing job is too complex for us.

Complete Roof Repairs and Installations

The team at Pinnacle Roofing has decades of knowledge and expertise repairing common types of roof damage for residents across the Greater San Francisco Bay area. We understand the importance of a functional roof, which is why we work closely with our customers on each project.

Depending on the age your roof, you may need a replacement if your roof is older than 20 years. If you've noticed your energy bills have been increasing, this is another indicator that you may need to invest in a roof replacement. As a 2nd generation family roofing business, we've seen it all when it comes to roofs. Our licensed and insured roofers will properly install a new roof if you happen to need a replacement.

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